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Procrastination–It’s just not me, and man it sucks!


I hate to procrastinate, I love to have done things before it becomes a mad scramble, squeezing every ounce of myself to complete something. Yet, as I sit here with a list a mile long to get ready for my daughters graduation party and realize my moods have affected my motivation to have more done at this point, I am not even working at it this moment.

Oh my list, first of all, how did I think I would finish everything? Oh yes, I remember now, I was semi-manic and it seemed quite possible, not even quite possible definitely possible with lots of time to spare.

What happened? Life happened. Grown kids had crisis’ and you don’t stop parenting just because they hit 18. I think it actually gets harder. There were also joyous moments that filled me with good stress. But, I hate stress!

I hate, hate, hate the position I have put myself in. I hate that the person who was going to help with the last-minute details has bailed. I must plow through, Create a new plan of action, a way to push a weeks worth of preparing into less than two days.

Being stressed is leaving me paralyzed! Or running around like a wild child, who is supposed to be cleaning their room. I don’t know where to start, I need to stay focused on one task at a time. I needed to allow myself these precious minutes to rant, hoping that if I get these feelings out of my head there will be room for a revised plan, So I am telling myself to get up and start something!

Excuse any typing, spelling or grammar issues. I have just decided to not take the time to go over this post right now. I will get up and do something before heading out the door to the Dr. and the store.

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