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Adult Children


Just when I start to head uphill, I go to pick up my 19-year-old from his first year away at college. My friend offered to drive down because her car gets better gas mileage plus it would give us some time together. He is only home for an activity this weekend, will take one of the family cars back with him on Sunday, take his finals and come home for the summer on Thursday. We had talked several times and he was supposed to have enough stuff packed to fill her car as he will not be able to fit everything in one trip in our car. We get there to pick him up and he only has a couple of duffel bags and 1 plastic container to bring home. “where’s your suitcase, do you have all but 4 changes of clothing, all your computer extra stuff, books, tv, hanging clothes, books among many other things he could have used to make a full load” I asked him. Major attitude and you didn’t tell me that, I said go get some more, it will take you 5-10 minutes, he doesn’t have to be packed perfectly. He throws a fit, I came so close to telling him to get out and stay there. So now I am ticked off, My girlfriend is not happy with his attitude. He couldn’t even bother to thank her for coming down to get him. so now I am back in a gonna bite everyone’s head off mood!!

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